St Helens Chamber

‘Together to Zero’ media campaign

Empowering a dedicated social enterprise in highlighting their commitment to achieving net zero.

With funding from the UK Government to support Liverpool City Region’s Net Zero carbon goal, St Helen’s Chamber enlisted Ludovico to document their achievements via video production.

To promote this exciting initiative and provide evidence to government ministers, we set about capturing the projects’s three elements: ‘Improving Workspace Skills,’ ‘Skills Innovation Grants,’ and ‘Inspiring Children.’

As always the main aim for Ludovico was ‘broadcast quality.’ We wanted to produce a video that could sit comfortably on any terrestrial TV channel, and we’re proud to say that’s exactly what we achieved!

Their company has a long history of helping the business community create prosperity and opportunity. What makes St Helen’s Chamber unique is a unique organisation which has moved beyond the typical ‘Chamber of Commerce’ model. Instead, it is now a private-sector-led and not-for-profit organisation. One that works with local businesses, partners and the community to contribute to growth and regeneration.
St Helens is a Borough with significant potential.  Too often analysis focuses on the undeniable areas of disadvantage and deprivation as opposed to building upon our business base, our geography, and our residents. The purpose of St Helens Chamber is to identify and help drive activities which contribute to social, economic and environmental development. Making their town better.